Coronavirus - Select Committee Response

Tenants Union are working with other housing organisations to put together clear demands to the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee. These were developed with legal experts from Garden Court North and Greater Manchester Law Centre. They deal with the cliff-edge that renters face once the current eviction ban is lifted. Read our demands below:



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  • Frederique Lanoix
    commented 2020-05-17 20:21:30 +0100
    I don’t agree with the protocol.
    1. Landlords do not need to be protected. They have a place to live and incomes without providing any effort to get it.

    They make the conscious choice to contract a 3rd party in order to deal with the tenants, which are additional costs passed onto the tenant through agencies’ fees. This is their own choice and must not be the issue of the tenant.

    In addition the bills are for the tenants too ! Sometimes, I wonder if the landlords are not seeking to rob their tenants instead of providing a comprehensive service to help the community.

    Landlords still have access to their rent money EVEN IF they do not make the necessary repairs when issues arise.
    This has to change, the tenants MUST have the right to stop paying because the current Housing market is functioning as any other service providing sector.

    2. This is to me the most important point :

    HAVING ACCESS TO A PLACE TO LIVE IS NOT A LUXURY. This must be considered and labelled as a HUMAN RIGHT FOR ALL.

    It is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY to put people on the street whatever their family circumstances (single, family with children, etc…) and whatever their background (ethnicity, health conditions, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, financial situation etc…)

    Capitalism has introduced the concept /theory of free market. Where is the idea of freedom in giving ALL power to the landlords but none to the tenants who are , in essence, way poorer than their landlords counterparts thus cannot afford legal advice.

    This is in the case of those who have English as a first language so, one can imagine that the task of understanding your rights is in jeopardy when you do not speak English fluently.

    Do you think that it is different for disabled people?
    Knowing that the current government has consistently tried to cut the means of those who are the most vulnerable, the answer is clear.

    Howerver, I will not explore this matter further here but it is one that needs to be kept in mind.

    Finally, the mess in which one part of the population is in, right now, is the direct result of the housing market privatisation introduced by the conservative party under Margaret Thatcher government.

    The housing market MUST BE regulated not to make a profit but as a right, that all individual must have and use on a daily and lifetime basis.

    Thus , I truly believe that under the corona circumstances paying your rent is not a priority. You need to take care of your health by eating, buying medicine and sanitary products.

    The protocol is not sufficient. The letters are just addition administration for both the tenants and the landlords. FREE rent until the end of the corona virus situation and a full review of the housing market. This includes the current regulations and the prices which must go down to a minimum of 70% as a starter.
  • Laurence Jones-Williams
    published this page in COVID-19 Response 2020-05-07 17:10:37 +0100