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  • Carly Smith
    commented 2020-02-29 22:37:55 +0000
    I privately rent and my landlord has refused to fix the mould in my childrens rooms and the condition of the bathroom including mould. They have demanded that we decorate the entire house after consulting them to choice of colours etc at our expense or they would evict us. I have done this but it has left me in financial hardship as my partner is disabled and is awaiting a heart transplant. I am terrified they will evict us. What can I do? They have also said they will enter the property even if we say no or are not here, when I said they can not do this by law they said that the tenancy agreement supersedes the law. Please help!
  • Ebba Skjefstad
    commented 2020-02-27 22:21:46 +0000

    My current place of occupancy (59 Rydes Hill Road, GU2 9SP) is an unhealthy and potentially dangerous environment for me and others to stay in.

    The reason for this is purely down to another Tenant staying at the property, he behaves erratically and seems to be very unstable. He seemingly constantly is drunk or otherwise intoxicated through drug use and acts aggressively to the point where I very much question my safety staying at the property. He constantly makes audible disruptions at all hours of the day and night by slamming doors, shouting, playing loud music and throwing tantrums. I suffer from a condition called Cluster headaches (otherwise known as suicide headaches) that is triggered by strong stimuli, one of these strong stimuli being strong smells and any form of ingested stimulant such as cigarette smoke, this other Tennant smokes within the property and sometimes in front of me, it clearly states in the house contract to not smoke indoors, this has resulted in me needing to take excessive amounts of painkillers just to stay at the property and in certain instances needing to go to A&E for morphine. I have informed him almost daily since I moved in regarding this issue and he has not made any effort to change this behaviour and often seems to do it just to spite me. There are other issues regarding this individual but I don’t deem them relevant to this situation.

    I have contacted my landlord regarding this multiple times, I first Email him regarding the issue on the 10th December and have contacted him a further 2 times via Email and once in person and to my knowledge he has made no effort to change anything regarding the situation and I am now becoming desperate. I have opted to stay at my partners place until something changes (Ideally I move out immediately and receive my full deposit back without needing to continue paying rent or alternatively this other Tennant is evicted.) and am in need of some advise on the situation, I can provide a copy of the contract and an additional document containing all the contract clauses that are being broken by either this Tennant or the landlord upon request.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,

    Ebba Skjefstad
  • Jack Owen
    commented 2020-02-27 13:42:53 +0000
    Hi I am writing to inform you of the situation that I am being faced with with living in Mansion Point student accommodation. I’m a student at Mmu uni and the place I am staying in has many problems that haven’t been resolved. They made me stay in a hotel for the first two weeks of uni as the place wasn’t deemed safe. They had builders here u till early January and the problems still haven’t been fixed. Some of my cupboards don’t even open the kitchen doesn’t have a table and didn’t even come with toasters and microwaves which where advertised. As a student money is tight and this place is £156 a week t has y said they would give me compensation but this hasn’t happened and I can’t afford to pay anymore rent for the time being due to fact I’ve had to buy everything for the place myslef and the hotel which has drained my money. They are now threatened me and other students with debt collectors even though I have told them the situation and paid them nearly 3 thousand just a month ago
  • Nickolas Watson
    commented 2020-02-07 17:17:15 +0000
    Hello and good day to all. My name is Nick and I live on Lindsay Ave in High Wycombe. Our landlord has on many occasions let himself on the property without 24 hours advanced notice and is currently, at this moment, doing the same. He has come in the house with an electrician for whatever reason. He has been informed before about this by us and I believe the council. I live in a shared house with 5 others and they seem to not know about it either. The level of disrespect he has shown to us is astounding. I personally am getting a little tired of him not following the rules he has laid out in the tenancy agreement. What steps can I take? Thank you in advance
  • Laura Iordanescu
    commented 2020-01-30 11:38:50 +0000
    Good afternoon,

    I have a big problem with the agency of the house I have been living in for 2 years. The repairs are never carried out, the ceiling painting is falling, there are rats in the house coming from the neighbor and poo-ing inside our kitchen cupboards, the bills haven’t been paid for 6 months by the agent so the gas company came and took the meter away and replaced it with electric key to be topped up, so there are no money on the key hence the house has no heat, hot water nor gas in the kitchen. The issues are many more and agency has been informed several time but no one takes action. The same person that manages the agency is the employee as well, the owner so there is actually no one to complaint to.

    What needs to be done in this circumstance as moving away is not an option I am considering at the moment.
  • Daniel Lavelle
    commented 2020-01-20 13:09:42 +0000

    I’m a journalist with the Guardian

    I’m writing a piece about rental anxiety, and the physical and mental toll it takes. A Shelter study found that Private renting is making millions of people ill with almost half of England’s 8.5 million renters experiencing stress or anxiety and a quarter made physically sick as a result of their housing, campaigners have said. I was wondering if you could help find people who have been made ill (physically or mentally) by renting problems such as insecure tenancies, being evicted, high rents, bad conditions, terrible landlords.

    I’m hoping to speak to a range of people from different age groups – men, women and families experiencing a range of situations. If you think you could help me find people please get in touch.

    Best wishes


  • Anya Keith
    commented 2020-01-12 23:24:56 +0000
    Hello there, I am messaging you regarding some issues we are having with our Estate Agents and Landlord. It’s a big problem regarding money and also we don’t have safe living conditions.

    Thank you

    Anya Keith
  • Jessica Maher
    commented 2020-01-08 13:57:13 +0000
    Hi, I wanted to see if you could help me with my tenancy situation before I become a member. Me and my partner moved into our first flat last year and 3 months in we started to notice a rodent problem(mice) overall we have informed the agency 3 times of this mouse problem. The first time I had noticed big holes behind the washing machine and the fridge, the guy came over and boarded them up, the problem was still there. The second time on the rodent guy came over and said he doesn’t know where they’re coming from and put luminous powder down and pellets and a week later came back again to remove the pellets, the problem persisted. Now during this time me and my partner was getting agitated as I was finding mice on my kitchen counter even though I clean the kitchen thoroughly every night after meals, my bins are in the cupboards, closed and I take my bins out once a week and clean the bags out with disinfectant. Me and my partner took it among ourselves to buy traps, sealants and door stoppers because 3 of the doors had a 2 inch wedge between the carpet and the door, we went Hong Kong for a week and I cleaned the house top to bottom and left traps out and when we came back we had caught one, it continues. I continued to see them on the counter, gnawling at the door and we are still complaining to the agency. So we complain the third time, I tell them in full detail what I have said above and that Its affecting my sleep, I cant sleep because I’m paranoid, I’m cleaning the house top to bottom even though Its clean and all of my bins and rubbish are out of sight. The agency replied ‘Unfortunately, your Landlord is only liable over Flat 5 and not the whole building and therefore action is required from all occupants, most likely those on the lower levels, to assist with this. I am still waiting for your Landlord to come back to me however if you could continue as you are with keeping the property clean and ensuring there is no rubbish/food waste available at easy access for the mice it will hopefully reduce them being present.’’ I found this to be bullshit. Me and my partner are paying just under £800 a month including bills and more on top to reduce the rodent situation for a small studio with a black mould/damp and rodent problem. I have read through the tenancy agreement and It has no information on if there were to be a rodent problem nor can we leave out tenancy unless the landlord and I come to an agreement(fat chance since he has ignored our previous complaints in the space of 8 months) With the black mould situation also, all of the windows but one has been sealed shut and installed a 60s extractor which is useless because black mould still persists, I have to get black mould spray because I don’t want to live in that nor do I want it to be taken out of my deposit. The window in which the extractor is in leaks too, so where the rain is heavy we need a bucket to collect the water. The flat building as a whole is beyond repair, when you first come into the building and look up there is a long crack dinting inwards and flat 1 had to place a bucket underneath it because its was leaking from above. I wasnt expecting our first flat to be a mansion but I wasnt expecting me paying a lot of money for me to be exhausted, lose my apettie, and to be ill for £760 a month. I told my friend about this and she told me to contact yous but I didnt want to join unless you could actually help us.
  • Oscar Fitzpatrick
    commented 2019-12-27 20:28:37 +0000
    Hi there, is the tenants union active in Manchester? If so, what type of work has been done so far?
  • Regnar Nielsen
    commented 2019-12-01 11:48:21 +0000
    Hello Tenants Union

    My name is Regnar Nielsen, and I am a journalist.

    I work for Denmark’s largest magazine, “Tenants magazine”. We publish 560,000 copies.

    I would like to write about the British election. Especially about how big the topic Housing is in UK.

    I am in London on Tuesday the 3rd and Wednesday the 4th of November.

    I hope someone in your organization can devote half an hour to answer different questions. When in the two days does not matter.

    Thanks in advance.

    The best greetings

    Regnar M.Nielsen
  • Alexia Lane
    commented 2019-11-11 12:44:28 +0000

    I have had low heating since November 12th as well as litany of repairs, some dating back to June 2019. I am still with limited heating so would appreciate support. Please contact me.
  • Andreea Nita
    commented 2019-10-30 08:53:09 +0000
    Their answer was:

    Dear Mr Ali Orman and Ms Florian Nita,

    Further to your recent enquiry regarding vacating early, technically speaking you have signed a legally binding fixed term contract and must comply with your obligations, including the payment of rent until it expires after 18th April 2020.

    If you wish to vacate early your Landlord is unlikely to object provided you can introduce another Tenant to take your place. In which case, you would only be liable to your contracted obligations until the new Tenant moves in.

    Winnard & Brown could advertise your property to introduce a new Tenant in the same way that we advertise for Landlords, only in this case, we would be acting for you. We normally charge Landlords one month’s rent plus vat to introduce a Tenant only. In your case I propose to discount our fees to £200 plus vat (£240 inclusive)

    After a new Tenant is introduced references will need to be taken at cost.

    A new Tenancy Agreement will have to be drawn up and prescribed legal information must be served.

    This would normally cost the Landlord £80 plus vat. It is usual practice for Tenants to pay the Landlords legal cost when they are in breach of contract.

    We will discount this to £50 inclusive of VAT.

    We can act on a no tenant, no fee basis with no upfront fees if you agree that the above £290 costs. Fees can be deducted from your deposit when your Tenancy is ended.

    Please reply to this email if you want Winnard & Brown to re-advertise your property and confirm that fees can be deducted from your deposit.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries whatsoever

    Kind regards,

    Darren Winnard

    Executive Director

    01257 401205

    See All Our Properties At:

    Wigan Office: 01942 497979 Standish Office: 01257 401205

    This e-mail may contain confidential and/or privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient (or have received this e-mail in error) please notify the sender immediately and destroy this e-mail. Any unauthorized copying, disclosure or distribution of the material in this e-mail is strictly forbidden.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries whatsoever.

    Kind regards,

    Darren Winnard

    Executive Director

    01257 401205
  • Abdullah Salih
    commented 2019-10-21 14:32:03 +0100

    I am leaving my minimum term contract of 6 months early by 1-month. My landlord is suggesting I pay 50% of that last month’s rent. is this a reasonable amount. If not what can I do to change this.