Who We Are

Tenants Union is the UK's only national union designed specifically for tenants and renters. A network of powerful local branches, where residents have the knowledge and capacity to tackle their housing issues. We are building a movement so that each of our members has the power to access a safe, secure, and healthy home, and support from the Tenants Union to keep it that way.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Tenants Union is to build powerful relationships between renters and tenants and create housing justice through education, advocacy, leadership development and local organising. Founded in 2016, Tenants Union works to create concrete improvements in tenants’ living conditions and challenge and transform unjust housing policies and practices.

As a membership organisation, our work is grounded in the strong conviction that tenants and renters must be active participants in the transformation of our own lives. That's why we embrace the values of tenant leadership and self-determination.

The Problem

More people than ever before live in private rented accommodation in the UK. This number is growing rapidly as younger people face exclusion from home ownership by declining wages, high deposits and increasing prices. For social housing, tenants are finding it increasingly difficult to have vital repairs and maintenance done in addition to the threat of arrears and eviction. 

The Solution      

Tenants Union is the solution. We're a democratic campaigning union aiming to defend the interests and quality of life of tenants and renters. We aim to provide advice and support services; research, lobby and campaign on behalf of tenants to improve conditions; and influence the behaviour of landlords and letting agents. Fundamentally we need to change the balance of power to create a better and fairer system for renters of all types of accommodation which means renters need to become a power in our own right.

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